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Whether it's a small event or a large Renaissance Faire, the Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy is always ready to teach fencing lessons.

"The Rose" has thrilled and delighted audiences for over 20 years in California at several Renaissance faires as well as the dickens Christmas fair. Teaching fencing lessons has been one of our primary businesses, and we've taught over 30,000 people the basics of foil fencing, many of whom have gone on to join fencing clubs and start competitive fencing.

We do theatrical fencing in the competitive style -- with full costumes, leather-covered masks, and various weapons including epee, saber, rapier & dagger, sword and buckler, etc.

The Fencing Academy is set up to teach lessons, so most of the booth area is open but shaded teaching area. Our 12' x 16' marquee tent is used as both our sales booth and backstage area. View the link below to see Fencing Academy Booth layouts and space requirements.

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