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Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild
Costume Guidelines -


These are to provide goals and direction for Guild costuming, and have been designed to give our group a distinctive and authentic appearance. New purchases must be made in accordance with Guild requirements, but older costume elements that don't meet these guidelines may be "grandfathered" if acceptable - so don't panic! Existing costume should gradually change to meet these new standards, depending on the guildmember's rank, finances, and interests.

We portray a late-Elizabethan or Early-Stuart era local militia or Trained Band from the Welsh Border/Cardiff area. Militia members would gather for training at the local "Artillery Garden", where they would practice swordplay, shooting muskets and cannon, and drilling with pikes. Trained Bands would sometimes go on manuevers and practice battles with other militia units.

Musketeer costume is similar to the other Militia Ranks, with a basic sword and no armour. Minimum equipment consits of a matchlock musket and cleaning kit, a primer flask, plus a leather or canvas pouch to put paper caridges in. Improved equipment adds a bandolier of flasks (aka "Apostles"), possibly a musket rest and snapsack. Unless otherwise informed, Musketeers should plan to provide their own match and powder.

A little British Humour...

Musketeer Links

ECWSA Black Powder Safety Rules - Modified for other groups ,
How to be a Musketeer in a Reenactment Society, Fairfax Battalia's Musket Page (UK)

All Militia members, particularly File Leaders and higher in rank, should learn the basics of period drill. Here's the Sealed Knot Society's new military drill manual in pdf.

The Guild of St. George has some excellent period Militia reference material online,
including Markham's The Soldier's Accidence and their Guild's own Polearm Drill.

Recommended Online Merchants

Syke's Suttlery has good musketry supplies and costume
Paul Meekins makes the best bandoliers in the UK,
be sure to get them sized properly & order early.
Loyalist Arms - Canadian Dealer, Matchlock & Doglock muskets on p. 2
Albion Small Arms - matchlocks, wheelocks, and doglocks from the UK
Great Northern Trade Co - hand-forged gun and cooking tools
Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading - best prices for high-quality ball at $6/20
Cabelas.com - Hard-Side Black-Powder Gun Case for $90 -
best protection for your matchlock, will hold musket-rest and swords also.
Dixie Gun Works - inexpensive ball with sprues at about $20/100,
tons of other gear, every shooter should have their catalog (limited website)
American Fencing Supply in SF.
Hatcrafters - an ASTOUNDING selection of hats -
the Charles, Salem, Puritan & Quaker models are recommended
Swordsmiths (UK) carries Armour Class weapons,
both 17th C "Hangers" are PERFECT musketeer's swords.
Jas. Townsend - US tents, barrels, tall stockings, spectacles & more!
Valentine Armouries - Canadian armor, nice photos
Thorne's page on converting Desert Boots / Hushpuppies to period Latchet Shoes
Age of Chivalry sells nice armour, baldrics and swords.
Bainbridge Bootmakers (UK) makes museum-quality footware,
at museum-level prices - won the lottery lately?

To read our character histories and Pyrate stories,
visit The Book Of The Rose pages

The Cardiff Rose Calendar -- Crew Parties, Faires, Etc.